Workshop Program

The full proceedings are now available via the ACL Anthology.

Thursday, 10th September, 2015

8:00–9:15 Registration
9:15–9:30 Introduction
  Session 1: Surface Realisation
9:30–10:00 A Simple Surface Realization Engine for Telugu
Sasi Raja Sekhar Dokkara, Suresh Verma Penumathsa and Somayajulu Gowri Sripada
10:00–10:30 Input Seed Features for Guiding the Generation Process: A Statistical Approach for Spanish
Cristina Barros and Elena Lloret
10:30–11:00 Coffee
  Session 2: Sentence Planning and Evaluation
11:00–11:30 A Domain Agnostic Approach to Verbalizing n-ary Events without Parallel Corpora
Bikash Gyawali, Claire Gardent and Christophe Cerisara
11:30–12:00 Inducing Clause-Combining Rules: A Case Study with the SPaRKy Restaurant Corpus
Michael White and David M. Howcroft
12:00–12:30 Reading Times Predict the Quality of Generated Text Above and Beyond Human Ratings
Sina Zarrieß, Sebastian Loth and David Schlangen
12:30–1:30 Lunch
1:30–2:30 Invited Talk: Mirella Lapata
Learning to Interpret and Describe Abstract Scenes
2:30–5:00 Poster and Demo Session (with coffee 3:00-3:30)
+ Posters
  Moving Targets: Human References to Unstable Landmarks
Adriana Baltaretu, Emiel Krahmer and Alfons Maes
  A Framework for the Generation of Computer System Diagnostics in Natural Language using Finite State Methods
Rachel Farrell, Gordon Pace and M Rosner
  A Snapshot of NLG Evaluation Practices 2005 – 2014
Dimitra Gkatzia and Saad Mahamood
  Japanese Word Reordering Executed Concurrently with Dependency Parsing and Its Evaluation
Tomohiro Ohno, Kazushi Yoshida, Yoshihide Kato and Shigeki Matsubara
  Sentence Ordering in Electronic Navigational Chart Companion Text Generation
Julie Sauvage-Vincent, Yannis Haralambous and John Puentes
  Natural Language Generation from Pictographs
Leen Sevens, Vincent Vandeghinste, Ineke Schuurman and Frank Van Eynde
  Translating Italian to LIS in the Rail Stations
Alessandro Mazzei
  Response Generation in Dialogue Using a Tailored PCFG Parser
Caixia Yuan, Xiaojie Wang and Qianhui He
  Generating Récit from Sensor Data: Evaluation of a Task Model for Story Planning and Preliminary Experiments with GPS Data
Belén A. Baez Miranda, Sybille Caffiau, Catherine Garbay and François Portet
  Generating and Evaluating Landmark-Based Navigation Instructions in Virtual Environments
Amanda Cercas Curry, Dimitra Gkatzia and Verena Rieser
  Summarising Unreliable Data
Stephanie Inglis
  Generating Descriptions of Spatial Relations between Objects in Images
Adrian Muscat and Anja Belz
  Towards Flexible, Small-Domain Surface Generation: Combining Data-Driven and Grammatical Approaches
Andrea Fischer, Vera Demberg and Dietrich Klakow
+ Demos
  JSrealB: A Bilingual Text Realizer for Web Programming
Paul Molins and Guy Lapalme
  A Game-Based Setup for Data Collection and Task-Based Evaluation of Uncertain Information Presentation
Dimitra Gkatzia, Amanda Cercas Curry, Verena Rieser and Oliver Lemon
  Generating Referential Descriptions Involving Relations by a Best-First Searching Procedure – A System Demo
Florin Haque and Helmut Horacek
5:00 End of Day 1

Friday, 11th September, 2015

9:00–10:00 Invited Talk: Pinar Duygulu-Sahin
Words and Pictures and Beyond
  Session 3: Generation from Visual and Geographic Input
10:00–10:30 Generating Image Descriptions with Gold Standard Visual Inputs: Motivation, Evaluation and Baselines
Josiah Wang and Robert Gaizauskas
10:30–11:00 Designing an Algorithm for Generating Named Spatial References
Rodrigo de Oliveira, Yaji Sripada and Ehud Reiter
11:00–11:30 Coffee
  Session 4: Narrative and Discourse
11:30–12:00 Narrative Generation from Extracted Associations
Pierre-Luc Vaudry and Guy Lapalme
12:00–12:30 Topic Transition Strategies for an Information-Giving Agent
Nadine Glas and Catherine Pelachaud
12:30–1:30 Lunch
  Session 5: Data to Text
1:30–2:00 Creating Textual Driver Feedback from Telemetric Data
Daniel Braun, Ehud Reiter and Advaith Siddharthan
2:00–2:30 A Personal Storytelling about Your Favorite Data
Cyril Labbé, Claudia Roncancio and Damien Bras
2:30–3:00 Closing Session
3:00-3:30 Coffee
3:30-4:30 Discussion Session on Generation Challenges Initiative
4:30 End of ENLG 2015